about ALIVE!

DDP YOGA is more than just yoga. It is a full body workout that utilizes the low impact benefits of yoga; combined with the restorative techniques of sports rehabilitation, and the tried and true methods found in traditional fitness. What makes DDP YOGA different is the use of modifications for varying fitness levels, isometrics and dynamic resistance. These principles give you a personalized workout that includes cardio, strength and flexibility training.


"I would recommend Audrey to friends in a heartbeat!” -Lori


“Audrey is an Always upbeat and a caring trainer. I look forward to each of her workouts!” -Andrea

"I've enjoyed all of Audrey's classes, and have made great progress with her help.” -Pam

ALIVE Fitness is a proud representative of DDP YOGA serving Central and Southern California, having touched locations near Fresno and Orange County, CA.

ALIVE Fitness was created by Certified DDP YOGA Instructor, Audrey Lee. Audrey is the first and only female Certified DDP YOGA Instructor on the US West Coast. She has been featured in the newest edition of the DDP YOGA DVDs, and workouts featured in the revolutionary DDP YOGA Now app!

Audrey strives to create a fitness experience that exudes positive energy, a concern for overall wellness, and getting fit while having fun! She will challenge you to think beyond your perceived limits, and help you unlock your full potential! DDP YOGA is the fitness program that Audrey used to achieve her own physical fitness, and that is why she would love to share her passion with you! 

"Her workouts are run smoothly and will make you sweat!!” -Dana
“Audrey's Workouts always get the best out of everyone!” -Patrick


" Audrey is fun, enthusiastic, and passionate about a healthy lifestyle." -Melissa

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